Domyouji Mao is the main female protagonist of the Battle Rabbits manga series and Kaguya's bodyguard. She holds a pink jewel in her chest, making her weaker and lower in rank than Kaguya. However, she holds more battle experience than Kaguya who recently awakened his abilities. She fights together with Kaguya as a member of the Earth Defense corps againsg the Orgs. Unlike Kaguya and Hijiri, she is unable to assume a human form.

Appearance Edit

Mao is a young girl with short pink hair with bangs that reach above her eyes. Her eyes are big and pink and wears a long white dress with swinging sleeves and a rabbit hoodie, patterned similar to a shrine maiden's outfit. The patterns and now on her dress are both pink.

She wields a pink rifle that is drawn out from her jewel. Her ears and tail are both white.

Personality Edit

Mao is a cheerful, loyal, caring, and cautious person. She is shown to be smiling a lot around Kaguya. She is willing to risk her life to protect Kaguya when he's in danger. When Kaguya had gotten mad at her for saying she'll protect him even though he is unable to stand on disposable chopsticks like her and is clung to him like an idiot after his pride was hurt by Izumi, she continued to secretly follow Kaguya around in worry if his wellbeing. In her first encounter with Kaguya, Mao showed no discreetion towards him because of the sudden release of dangerouts particles at the bus stop where he was at and used her rifle to shoot him.

She can be forgetful at times, like how she forgot her ring had a communication function and losing the instructions for the ring. When she is flustered, she ends up tearing up and possibly crying.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

  • She is able to pull out her rifle from jewel.
  • Using the ring, she can make herself hidden from human eye.
  • The ring allows her to modify memories and consciousness.
  • She's able to transfer her power to a talisman and create a clone of herself.
  • She can stop gravity from affecting herself. (Ex: Balancing on disposable chopsticks and make high leaps)
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